Tickets 2016



  • The ticket bought on pre-sale will be sent by e-mail: you can print it and show it at the festival entrance, at the ticket office, with a valid document (ID, Passport…)
  • The ticket is nominal: To purchase the ticket you will need your personal data.
The Entrance Ticket to the festival and the Camping area will also be available at the Festival Ticket Office, open 24 hours.

Ticket Office

  • The 1 day tickets for the festival can be bought each day from 01:30 in the morning.
The purchase of a day tickets (available from 01:30 in the morning) allows you to enjoy the event right through until the festival closes the following day (until 07:00). Furthermore, if you have a camping bracelet you can stay there until 12:00 midday.


  • Free entrance for minors who have no turned 13 by the day the  festival starts.
  • Free entrance for those who have turned 65 by the first day of the festival.
  • The entrance is free to all the disabled suffering from serious disabilities (who do not walk and make use of a wheelchair) with a certified minimum of 65%, to the blind, the deaf and to people suffering from serious mental disabilities.
  • On Sunday August 14 the unemployed from the province of Castellon can get buy their tickets for the festival for the special price of €5. All you have to do is present your up to date unemployed certificate from the SERVEF (no the DARDE) that certifies that you are unemployed, together with your DNI or NIE. Tickets are nominal and nontransferable.
Minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal tutor or have a written permission signed by their parents or tutors.
Disabled: Free entry is also provided for one helper, if needed. The helper will receive just one bracelet, which will not be transferable and will be allowed to stay inside the Festival venue for as long as the aided person is there.


  • All children under 16 must always be accompanied by their parents or legal guardians.
  • Minors between 16 and 18 years old who want access to the festival alone must have a permission slip signed by their parents or legal guardians.
Download the appropriate authorization and present at at the festival box office: minors <16 | minors 16-18


Reserve The Glamping Co

  • The entrance to the Camping allows to get to the Campsite Area and to use all the services (toilets, showers, etc..).
  • The Glamping Company offers you the possibility of having your tent set up and waiting for you on your arrival, you can consult price and make reservations via their website.
The Entrance Ticket to the festival and the Camping area will also be available at the Festival Ticket Office.
The Camping Area is strictly reserved to the Festival visitors: it is necessary therefore to be in possession of the Entrance Ticket to the Festival, to buy the Camping Entrance one.

Ticket refund

On-line change name service

  • The cancellation of just one event will not give the right to a ticket refund. The refund for the daily ticket (no passes or mini-passes) is allowed only if all the shows of the day are cancelled.
  • Early bird tickets are not refundable, and it is transferable only by exchanging the name. The ticket is transferable to third parties only by changing the name through our on-line change name service, click on “My tickets” and follow the instructions.
This operation will cost 1€ extra if performed at the same stage of the anticipated sale, and so the price of the ticket will not have made any variations.
In case the ticket will be ceded in a presale phase different from the one in which it has been purchased, it will be necessary to pay the difference to the current price.

Withdrawal of the ticket and festival expulsion

  • The organization reserves a right to withdraw the ticket (no refund) and to expel from the festival those responsible for unsuited acts according to a respect based logic (robbery in the tents, damaging of properties, drug dealing, violence, etc..).


  • Leave your dog at home. We advise that you do NOT bring your dog to Sunsplash as access to both the festival area and all town beaches is not allowed. The only ones who can access the site will be small dogs (up to 8kg in weight).
We also do not allow the entry of breeds considered dangerous, such as: Akita, Rottweiler, Pit Bull, Doberman, Napolitan Mastiff, Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino, French Mastiff, Bullmastiff, Staffordshire, Canarian Molloser and Fila Brasileiro.


  • The concerts area closes from 7 a.m. until 1 p.m.

You can buy your ticket for the best price through our advance sales system. However if you would prefer to buy them in person or in some other way you can consult one of the networks and advance sale outlets with whom we have agreements.

To know what outlet is nearest to you can consult the following list:

SANTA MARIA GROWSHOP C/Sant Antoni dels Sombrerers n.7 BCN
HOTEL PORT AZAHAR Av. Serrano Lloberas, 1. 12100 Grao de Castellón. Tel. +34 964 28 68 20