Our values


The promotion of peace, equality, human rights and social justice has always been key to our way of understanding, not only the festival, but life itself.

In addition to promoting music in its different forms, throughout our history we have made a special effort to raise awareness about the values that enables a society to advance in the most just and equitable way possible. We do so by building within the small micro cosmos, that the festival venue becomes each year during the Rototom Sunsplash, a different place where Other World really is Possible.

Peace rEVOLution @ Rototom Sunsplash 2015

Over the years we have, to the best of our ability, developed all kinds of actions to demonstrate that where there is will, new efficient lines of communication can be created and the convergence of different cultures and peoples form around the world, beyond race, religion, borders or physical barriers and ideologies can be achieved. In this regard, we have had the honor to be recognized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as an Exemplary Event for the decade 2001-2010 for our work promoting Culture of Peace and Nonviolence. In doing so, the UNESCO took into consideration our efforts to promote interculturality and dialogue as a fundamental tool in the peaceful resolution of conflicts.

All of this has allowed us the grow exponentially and to become one of the international benchmarks as an alternative festival model, of which we are very proud and, moreover, gives us a tremendous sense of responsibility when it comes to our continued commitment to organizing cultural events, in a sustainable manner, in which people of all ages can have the opportunity to share, grow, learn and discover through the workshops, activities, gastronomy, music and cultural debates.


Recycled water, biodegradable packaging, LED lighting, tree planting… Each year Rototom Sunsplash gets greener, always caring for the environment.

FEST Awards - More sustainable festivalThroughout our history we have always had a special place for caring for the environment.

One clear example of this has been the progressive introduction of LED lighting in spaces such as the Social Forum and the Reggae University, the African Village, Living Energy, MagicoMundo, the backstage, press tent and the Rotobars that has allowed us to reduce the festival’s daily energy consumption by 84% without counting the stages. We have also installed solar panels in the merchandise shops thereby making them energetically self-sufficient.

Backstage also has parasols equipped with solar panels that provide enough energy to charge mobile phones and tablets, in addition to lighting at night.

We are continuously increasing the number of waste disposal containers to allow for the separation of waste and paper in the venue as well as in the restaurants and the campsite. In figures, last year over 300 point for waste separation at origin and all of the restaurants were equipped with special containers for separating waste that allowed for the recovery of 16,200kg of packaging and 7,400kg of paper for recycling later.

In the toilet areas we reuse shower water that is stored after filtering in two deposits to later be used in the cisterns of the toilets.

We have also extended the vegetation coverage in the venue by planting trees in the campsite areas, so as to provide more shade and help reduce CO2 emissions.

We promote the commercialization, purchasing and consumption of local products in all areas and sectors of the festival, everything from food to logistics. For one the campsite area provides guests with a wide range of 0 Kilometer products each year. We also opt for the acquisition of local products in areas such as logistics. When it comes to buying construction materials, lighting, wiring and furniture, among other things, we try to as much as possible to use local suppliers, and thereby reinvest in the local businesses of the Community of Valencia.

Furthermore, in the Rotobars we especially insist on the sale of drinks and food from ethical brands.

Indeed, the use of disposable plastic glasses has been eliminated completely in all the bars, where they have been substituted by reusable glasses than can be obtained by leaving a deposit. In recent years we have extended the use of bio-compostable plates and cutlery, made out of biodegradable materials such as sugar cane, corn starch or wood, to all of the catering services at the festival. The recycling of the plates and cutlery together with the organic waste allow them to be reused to make compost.

Benicassim, 15/08/2015 - Sunsplash 2015 - Color - Photo by Luca Valenta © Rototom 2015Sustainable mobility is one of our principles. We therefore promote the use of public or collective transport for getting to the festival venue. Apart from establishing a bus route that connects the venue with the beaches of Benicassim each day, we have special airport transfers services set up and we ask our audience to share vehicles to get here. Each year we offer a bicycle rental facility so that you can get around in a comfortable and environmentally friendly manner.

Over the last few years we have gradually reduced the use of paper and other materials in our communications. The edition of publicity material in collaboration with companies that organize concerts and events has meant that we can reduce the number of flyers printed for publicity exponentially. We use recycled paper for both photocopies and printing.

We also promote socially responsible collaborative actions and we destine a part of our profits to social projects and collaborations with NGO in different parts of the world.

Our commitment to the environment, which we reinforce each year, has allowed us to be recognized on several occasions by the Greener Festival Award as one of the European festivals that respects and cares most for the environment.

As we do in each edition, this year we will implement new actions to improve the festival’s environmental sustainability and ensure least the environmental impact possible.

Actions to improve the festival’s environmental sustainability:


LED lighting

We have introduced the use of LED technology for the bulbs lighting areas such as the backstage, the press tent, Reggae University, African Village, Living Energy, Magicomundo and the Rotobars. These types of lamps consume approximately 80% less energy than conventional lights while at the same time offering eight times more illumination than the tungsten filament bulbs.

Ecological vehicles

Within the festival venue the use of motorized vehicles is not permitted, only bicycles, skateboards and electrical vehicles are allowed. We offer a bicycle rental service.

Workshops for kids    + info

In Magicomundo, the area that is dedicated to kids, we organize environmental workshops each year to raise awareness about the importance of caring for the environment.

CO2 compensation

In each edition we invest in actions that aim to compensate for CO2 emissions caused by the event. For example, in recent years we have planted more than 200 new trees on the festival area.

Master of energy efficiency from the UJI    + info

Rototom Sunsplash reached an agreement of collaboration with the Master of Energy Efficiency and Environmental Sustainability in Industrial Plants and Edification from the University of Jaume of Castello’. This new bond will help to develop a project competition aimed at the Master students who, putting in practice the wealth of experience learned during their studies, will contribute to improve the environmental sustainability of the installations of the festival itself.

Water recycling system

We will launch a new initiative in the camping area to significantly reduce water consumption during the festival: A water recycling system that will allow shower water, which used to go directly to the drains, to be reused to flush the toilets. The shower water will be conducted to a few 2,000 litre capacity tanks, from which it will subsequently be used to flush the toilets via a pumping system.

Photovoltaic panels

The Merchandise stalls at the festival will be powered by solar panels, so that they will generate all the energy consumed without resorting to the mains. These panels will produce 6kWh for the grid, enough to power these stands.

Organic food

The festival area includes many different types of organic, local, ethnic, fair trade food and beverages. There will also be a open-air market with organic products in the campsite.

Biodegradable Plastics

In recent years we have extended the use of bio-compostable plates and cutlery, made out of biodegradable materials such as sugar cane, corn starch or wood, to all of the catering services at the festival. The recycling of the plates and cutlery together with the organic waste allow them to be reused to make compost that can later be used as a fertilizer.

Reduction of consumables

Over the last few years we have gradually reduced the use of paper and other materials in our communications. The edition of publicity material in collaboration with companies that organize concerts and events has meant that we can reduce the number of flyers printed for publicity exponentially. We use recycled paper for both photocopies and printing.


Solidarity is essential

From the very beginning, 25 years ago now, we have been committed to working with certain values and the people who promote or should promote these values, as well as those citizen organizations and groups that work to make them a reality.

More than 50 entities dealing with peace, human and civil rights, fair trade, anti-prohibition, the environment, reggae and Rastafarian culture participate each year in the Rototom Sunsplash. They do so with their stands during the festival, their talks in the Social Forum or the Reggae University and their workshops held in the different cultural areas.

Furthermore we collaborate with these associations by directly supporting some projects. This year we stand, as is only natural, with those who find themselves suffering in terrible situations as is the case of the refugees. We believe that our stance is shared by many.

For this reason we would like to give special support to the organisations Médicos Sin Fronteras, Proactiva Open Arms, Emergency and Pallasos en Rebeldía in the work they are doing, essential to alleviating the terrible plight of the refugees.

In the same vein, we back Smara Benicàssim in their work with the children in the Saharan refugee camps, along with Psicólogos Sin Fronteras and their great work with those people who have been evicted from their homes, and finally collaborate with the community projects of Cultivant Vida, the only NGO that works continuously in the Murithabé region in Gambia.

Without solidarity among people, we cannot make advancements in human rights nor can we advance towards the better world that we all long for. That is why we say solidarity is essential.

Solidarity actions in which we have contributed:

Doctors without Borders

2016 Spain Doctors without Borders

The Rototom Sunsplash supports the rescue and aid work carried out by Doctors without Borders with refugees, especially that done aboard the Dignity I. In 2016 alone they managed to rescue 20,000 people.

Proactiva Open Arms

2016 Greece Proactiva Open Arms

We support the rescue work and vigilance of the NGO in the Central Mediterranean to prevent more deaths and shipwrecks of the refugees who come to Europe fleeing war, persecution or poverty, as well the aid they provide from the Greek coast in Lesbos.



2016 Italy Emergency

We collaborate in the actions that this NGO has implemented and which always aim to aid the victims of war and violence. We have also supported the migrant rescue mission, which they are carrying out in the Mediterranean Sea, guaranteeing post rescue aid for refugees, with everything from medical aid to intercultural mediation.

Pallasos en Rebeldía

2016 Greece Pallasos en Rebeldía

The Rototom Sunsplash has directly supported the work done by Pallasos en Rebeldía in the refugee camps of Lesbos, in Greece; as well as Calais and Dunkirk, in France, where they also carried out several protest actions against the migration policies of the European Union.

Smara Benicàssim

2016 Spain Smara Benicàssim

We support the work of this local organization to, each summer provide Sahrawi children living in the refugee camps with a Holiday in Peace and medical assistance.

Psicólogos Sin Fronteras

2016 Spain Psicólogos Sin Fronteras

We share their commitment to the development of a different yet possible world, without borders, where there is justice, freedom, equality and solidarity. We therefore support the work they are doing from Castellon to help people who have been evicted from their homes.

Cultivant Vida

2016 Gambia Cultivant Vida

We collaborate in the community projects run by this NGO, which is also the only one that works continuously in the Murithabé area, one of the most impoverished and lacking in medical care in Gambia, in the hope of improving the people’s living standards.

International Film Festival Sahara

2015 Algeria FiSahara

We sponsored the presence of Yslem, Son of the Desert, in the XII edition of FISAHARA and collaborated by participating in the festival.

Cultivating Life

2015 Gambia Xavier Galindo

We directly support the project dedicated building wells and creation of vegetable gardens run by Cultivant Vida and Xavier Galindo in Gambia.

Radio Studio in the Alpha Boys School

2014 Jamaica Rototom & Alpha Boys’ School

We financially support the crowdfunding of Alpha Boys’ School to set up and equip a radio studio in the school.

Rigoberta Menchú Tum Foundation

2013 Guatemala Rigoberta Menchú

We collaborate in maintaining the activity of Rigoberta Menchú as an ambassador of Peace and defender of Human Rights.

Alpha Boys School

2012 Jamaica Rototom & Alpha Boys’ School

We promoted a graphic design exhibition by Michael Thompson in the Rototom Sunsplash, the funds collected were donated to the Alpha Boys school in Jamaica.

Rehearsal studio in L’Aquila

2009 Italy Bunny Wailer & Rototom

We finance, together with Bunny Wailer, the reconstruction of the Dabadud recording studio., destroyed by the earthquake that devastated the Abruzzo area.

Salam Centre for Heart Surgery

2008 Sudan Emergency

We provided funding for the construction of the Salam Centre, hear surgery unit in Khartoum (Sudan) directed by the Italian NGO Emergency.


2007 Mozambique Time for Africa

We help to strengthen human and natural resources in Matutine (Mozambique) by supporting the construction of a professional training centre.

Family Agricultural School

2007 Brazil Oikos

We collaborate financially the Italian NGO ONLUS to facilitate the economic independence of the Family Agricultural School in Goias (Brazil).

Made in Jail

2006 Italy Coop Sociale Seriarte Ecologica

We support the socio-labor training projects and screen printing programs set up by Made in Jail in different Italian prisons.

Wolisso Project

2006 Ethiopia SISM

We collaborate with the Italian NGO SISM to improve the conditions for mothers and new borns in the obstetric unit of the Hospital Saint Luke (Ethiopia).

Poverty knows no nationality

2005 Kenya Ass. Karibu Afrika

We support the educational and agricultural activities of the project run by the Italian association Karibú Afrika in Mathare (Kenya).

Oasis Centre

2005 Burkina Faso Ass. Oasis Enzo Missoni

We provide funding for the Oasis Centre, run by the Italian Enzo Missoni in Burkina Faso, that treats children, orphans and people in need.

Home for street children

2005 India Ass. Mancikalalu

We have funded the creation of centre for street children in India run by the NGO Italian Mancikalalu.

Canoa Criança Circus School

2004 Brazil Asoc. Cultural Canoa Criança

We participated directly in the creation of the Circus Theatre School in Canoa Quebrada, Ceara, Brazil.


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DUB ACADEMY: NUCLEUS ROOTS ft Simon Dan & Don Hartley
We are proud to announce today's new confirmation...
2017 LINE UP
We are proud to announce today's new confirmation...
2017 LINE UP
We are proud to announce today's new confirmation...
2017 LINE UP
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2017 LINE UP
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...new addition to Main Stage!
...new addition to DanceHall!!
2017 LINE UP
2017 LINE UP
New addition to Lion Stage!
...new addition to Dub Academy!
2017 LINE UP
& The Island Defenders
2017 LINE UP
New addition to Lion Stage!
2017 LINE UP
New addition to Lion Stage!